Ohio University Film Class Offerings - Summer 2014

Below is a list of classes that will be taught by MA and MFA students in the Film Division this summer. The classes will be available to any interested undergraduate students. Note that pre-requites will be waived for the classes listed. You will need to get a green slip (if pre-requites are not met) from the 31 South Court Street Building (Room 007) and have the instructor sign it to waive the prerequisite. Please contact the individual instructors for more information on the content covered in each class. To see a full listing of classes offered by OU Film this summer, view the Ohio University course search engine here.

The Films of Martin Scorsese (FILM-472-108/109) 

Offered: second summer session (Online) Instructor: Nicholas David Bambach 

Contact: nb354913@ohio.edu 

This online summer course focuses on the major cinematic works of American film director Martin Scorsese through issues of film authorship and genre. From his earliest films in the New Hollywood era to recent productions, Scorsese remains one of the greatest living filmmakers. Some of the films screened in this course include Mean Streets (1973), Taxi Driver (1976), Raging Bull (1980), Goodfellas (1990), Hugo (2011) and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). Anyone interested in film studies, history, cultural studies, American studies, media arts management and other departments/fields are highly encouraged to take this course.

Screenwriting (FILM 3430)

Offered: first summer session Instructor: Josh Hanesack

Contact: jh028113@ohio.edu

In this course, students will be introduced to the process of writing short narrative screenplays. We’ll start by discussing the basics: what is a screenplay, what can it do, what can’t it do, where to look for ideas. From there we’ll spend each week of the rest of the semester fine-tuning our understanding of a specific screenwriting element including character, tone, dialogue, genre, and structure. Through workshops, exercises, discussions, readings, and film screenings, the class will work to explore their personal voices through the craft of screenwriting. 

Film Techniques (FILM 3400)

Offered: first summer session Instructor: Matthew Herbertz

Contact: mh933513@ohio.edu

Film 3400 is an undergraduate course that offers an introduction to 16mm production. The course emphasizes basic production techniques such as camera operation, composition, camera position, camera motion, and editing. Some discussion regarding film content will be held, allowing students to critically discuss the content of their creative work. Through the use of a Bolex 16mm film camera, students will produce TWO silent films on black-and-white reversal film stock. The first project will be an in-camera edited piece and the second project will be edited on a Steenbeck flatbed. 

Paul Thomas Anderson and Postmodernism (FILM 4720)

Offered: second summer session Instructor: Derek Richard

Contact: dr625513@ohio.edu

If you want to spend the summer watching the films of one of the most interesting American directors today and considering how his work reflects the state of our contemporary American culture, or if you are curious to learn about the role of cinema in our image-obsessed society then sign up for my summer course on P.T. Anderson. The course has two components. The first component is to define Anderson as an auteur through locating Anderson’s career in the context of American film history and consider questions of classical film theory. The second component of this course is to define postmodernism through analyzing its significant themes. By using films like Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and There Will Be Blood as a platform to address the fragmented-identity, consumerism, the waning of affect, and nostalgia the course will allow us to consider how we conceptualize reality in postmodernity. All are welcome. 

The Contemporary Western (FILM 4720)

Offered: 2nd Summer Session: Instructor: Jon Naveh 

Contact: jn775911@ohio.edu

This course examines the modern-day Western genre . We will analyze a group of films released after the genre’s commercial height during the Classical Hollywood era. We will find that the contemporary Western redefines the hero’s role, reinvests in contemporary standards of violence, explicitly comments on race and gender, and revises the historical past to account for present-day sensibilities. The class will end with an analysis of how the modern Western mixes genres (horror-western, sci-fi Western, space-western, etc.), as well as how it has become postmodern, self-reflexive (through the post/neo-Western) and now mainly exists to comment on the "cinematic past." 

WES ANDERSON as Auteur (FILM 4710)

Offered: first summer session Instructor: Laura Pohlman 

Contact: lp166307@ohio.edu

This class will explore the unique aesthetics and themes of Wes Anderson’s oeuvre, from BOTTLE ROCKET to THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. 

Musical Performance in Bollywood Cinema (FILM 4720)

Offered: second summer session Instructor: Priyanka Das

Contact: pd060413@0hio.edu

This course will analyze the objectification of the female body in commercial Hindi cinema and also examines the role of musicals in mainstream Bollywood cinema from historical and contemporary context and the effects produced by films on Indian culture and society.