Dr. Louis-Georges Schwartz was invited to UCLA, UC Irvine, USC and Cal Arts to deliver film presentations this month. At UCLA he presented at the graduate colloquium about images of concentration camps in European film from 1945 to 1965. From there he presented his paper entitled, "Cinema Hostis," at UC Irvine. The paper discusses new cinema that emerged around the year 2000.

At USC, Dr. Schwartz gave a workshop to new media artists on how to research and express economic contradictions of everyday life. He gave a similar workshop at Cal Arts on how to research and express contradictions of urban development, with a focus on Istanbul and the film, "Ekumenopolis: City Without Limits" (Azem, 2011).

Lastly, Dr. Schwartz facilitated a screening of "La Commune: Paris, 1871" at The Public School Los Angeles.