From late October to early November, MA thesis candidate Michael Carrier attended international conferences to present two papers to academic panels.

Michael first attended Rethinking Intermediality in the Digital Age at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His paper, “Cinematic Nostalgia in 21st Century Filmmaking,” discusses filmmaking techniques and strategies employed by 3 modern films - “WALL-E” (Stanton, 2008),  “Moon” (Jones, 2009) and “The Artist” (Hazanavicius, 2011) - as a source of nostalgia in light of film’s technological progression. 

Michael then attended “Sport: Probing the Boundaries” at The Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens, Greece, a conference put on by He presented his paper, “Playing For Free: The Commodification of Jesus Shuttlesworth and the Big Business of Free Labor in the NCAA.” In it he addresses the ways in which the NCAA benefits universities at the expense of student athletes, presenting his argument through the scope of Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” (1998).