2014 alumna Rani Deighe Crowe recently earned recognition as a finalist for the 2014 Hollywood Screenplay Contest. Crowe wrote a spec script, titled “Bigger Guns,” for HBO’s “The Newsroom.” The episode takes place during the week of the George Zimmerman verdict following the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. Through exploration of this news story along with the drama between the show’s fictional characters, Crowe's script explores issues of modern day racism and fear. A subplot also covers Edward Snowden seeking asylum in Russia after whistleblowing security practices of the NSA in the U.S.


“Bigger Guns” was written during the Fall semester of 2013 as a project for OU Film professor Dr. David Thomas’ teleplay course. The class studied the first two seasons of “The Newsroom,” and focused on developing the show’s characters and studying creator Aaron Sorkin’s rhythm of writing. “The Newsroom’s” episode format takes place one to two years after real news events have occurred, and through its fictional characters, explores the ethical dilemmas and challenges of broadcast news production. The news events within Crowe’s script, “Bigger Guns,” took place in the summer of 2013. 


Crowe graduated from the Ohio University Film program in 2014 with an MFA in Film Production and a specialization in screenwriting.