MFA thesis student Mladan Jurkovic is currently in pre-production for his thesis film, Lightwalkers, which will be shot on location in New York City. Jurkovic will take a small crew of OU film and media students to production for the first week of March.

In December, Jurkovic traveled to New York with the film’s director of photography, MFA thesis student Stephen Blahut. The duo held casting sessions and scouted locations. In February, Jurkovic launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for travel, lodging, equipment rental and other necessary resources.

Lightwalkers is part of Jurkovic’s modern fairy tale trilogy. It is preceded by the expressionist short, The Root of All Evil, and the magic realism short, Birds of Paradise. Production is part of a master class taught by Ohio University Eminent Scholar and distinguished Croatian filmmaker, Rajko Grlic.