The Arrhythmia film club is a student initiative creating a space for appreciation and discussion of films. Being passionate cinema lovers, we watch a lot of fascinating films which would never be shown in mainstream cinemas. We think it’s time to share them with you. Our mission is to create a free and open space for people to meet and discuss movies they love and movies that matter. Bearing in mind that there is a whole world outside the screening room, we believe cinema’s value stems from its unique ability to reveal the complex, beautiful, and sometimes terribleways life can work. Discussion is the beginning, but ultimately we hope to see films that could change your life.

We call our club “Arrhythmia” because the films we exhibit can make your heart beat faster or slower than normal. We don’t limit our program by particular genre, country, or historical period. In selecting films for the club, we concentrate both on artistic value and film content. Some arrhythmias can be life-threatening!

We encourage all students to join the film programming group.

The Club meets every Wednesday at 8 pm in OU Film Division Screening Room (room 006, 31 South Court Street). E-mail reminders will be sent 3 days prior to each event date. The coming screening will be also announced in OU Film Division facebook page:

Keelan O’Sullivan

Natalia Kim