Thesis student Rani Crowe's screenplay The Three Quarters has received an Honorable Mention Award at the Spring 2014 cycle of the Women's Independent Film Festival.

Loosely based on Chekhov's Three Sisters, The Three Quarters is about three Art Professors trapped at a small liberal arts college who long for their former lives in New York.

It is a dramedy about the state of higher education, the artist's struggle to choose between security and creativity, the compromises we make as we get older, and the lies we tell ourselves to clutch onto our identity.

It takes place at the imaginary Kennison College, where the walls are crumbling, and and departments are being restructured.

The main protagonist, Masha, goes off the rails when her impending tenure review threatens to make her life as a professor in Ohio a permanent reality, instead of the temporary time out from being the Bohemian New York Artist she wants to see herself as.