Professor and independent filmmaker Pearl Gluck will begin production the second week of July on her feature film, The Turn Out. The story is of a trucker who tries to save the life of a girl who is being sex-trafficked at his local truck stop.

The Turn Out follows a two-year investigative research period about sex trafficking in Southeast Ohio that Gluck worked on during her time living in Ohio. The process included video and audio interviews with government officials, judges, social workers, police officers, sex trafficking victims and truckers. 

“My passion for the project stems from my interest in combining social consciousness with my film projects,” says Gluck. “By crafting a story not about a victim or a perpetrator, but a bystander who must take action, I look at the possibility of turning from bystander to upstander, a term coined by Rafael Lemkin during the Holocaust.”

During the two-year investigative process, Gluck collaborated with OU Film MFA students Stephen Blahut (camera) and Mladan Jurkovic (sound). Much of the production crew for The Turn Out is comprised of both graduate and undergraduate film students.

“It's a great combination of two of my passions, teaching and filmmaking,” says Gluck.

The independent film has received grants from Ohio University and Penn State University for a total of $20,000. It is also currently running a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign. Visit the page here and like The Turn Out on Facebook for more information regarding research and production, as well as video interviews, news, and legislation about sex trafficking.