The Athena Cinema partners with Film Division, Center of Southeast Asian Studies and Shao Oversea Chinese Center to present two special film collections from Southeast Asian region, Letters from South and Tropical Seasonings to Ohio University.

In Athena Cinema: Tropical Seasonings on October 1st, Wednesday, at 7pm; and, Letters from South on November 2nd, Sunday, at 7pm.

The following are more detailed descriptions of the two film collections--

Tropical Seasonings is an experimental film collection. It is curated by the director of Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film Festival (KLEX), Siew-wei Kok. This program features twelve videos from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, the UK and the USA. Six of them come from Malaysia. All of them, including the ones from UK and USA, are about the experiences in Southeast Asia. All of them have been shown in the previous KLEX events.

Letters from South(2013) is a compilation of six short films made by directors from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar and China. The collections deal with the Chinese diasporic experiences around Southeast Asian region. The collection has been shown in Busan Film Festival in South Korea, International Film Festival Rotterdam and Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwan.