Written by Daniel King. Posted by Natalie Hulla.

Alumna Lisa Bol stars in    Texting: A Love Story , a short film written, produced, and edited by Rani Crowe. Image courtesy of Rani Crowe.

Alumna Lisa Bol stars in Texting: A Love Story, a short film written, produced, and edited by Rani Crowe. Image courtesy of Rani Crowe.

Billed as a short film about love, intimacy, and connection in the digital age,Texting: A Love Story, has been accepted as an official selection to a long list of festivals in 2015. 

Rani Deighe Crowe (M.F.A. ’14), wrote, produced, and edited the short film, enlisting her friend, and fellow alumnus, Jeanette L. Buck (M.F.A. ’98) to direct the project. 

Texting: A Love Story stars Lisa Bol (M.F.A. ’15), as a woman navigating a relationship through text communications, steering into simultaneously intimate and awkward territory. 

The film has screened, nationally and internationally in over ten countries and in 35 festivals to date, winning awards for editing and best comedy short.

A writer, director, actor, filmmaker, teacher, and collaborative interdisciplinary artist, Crowe is also currently the assistant director of the School of Dance, Film, and Theater. 

She was drawn to the tension she saw in trying to represent human interactions happening through the computer screen, or smart phone. In this film, she said, the prostatic devices “both facilitate and get in the way of our relationships, our communications.” 

As many collaborative University projects tend to be, Texting: A Love Storybenefitted from a diverse crew, bringing together local and regional talent with key members from as far away as India and China. 
“This cross pollination is common in the interdisciplinary culture of the School of Dance, Film, and Theater,” said Crowe.

She began screening the film in the spring of 2015, toward the tail end of her completion of an M.F.A. in screenwriting, including a slot at the Athens International Film + Video Festival, and has been picking up festival momentum ever since.

Recently, the film was awarded “Runner Up Best Comedy Short Film,” at the Women Film & Television Atlanta Film Series, giving Crowe the chance to visit Atlanta, GA. 

Crowe has taught screenwriting, arts administration, acting, English pronunciation, directing, playwriting, oral interpretation, and creativity and collaboration courses at colleges, schools, and residencies in Ohio. 

Currently Crowe is developing several short film scripts, and looking forward to directing a play at the Seabury Quin, Jr. Playwrights Festival in April 2016.