Written by Natalie Hulla; posted by Dustin Jenkins

Second-year M.F.A. student John Kerfoot recently attended the College Town Film Festival at Penn State University where his short film Palm Reader screened. Kerfoot completed the film during his first year at Ohio University Film. The film stars Ohio University Theater actors Travis Starr and Elizabeth Johnson.

At the festival, Palm Reader screened in the comedy portion of the program, alongside O.U. Film alumna Rani Crowe’s short film, Texting: A Love Story. Both films feature O.U. Theater third-year M.F.A. graduate actress Lisa Bol.

“There were, I think, five six films and those two played,” said Kerfoot. “All the films worked really well against each other. You could almost put them together and it would be one movie. They all flowed in one way but with slightly different moods, and they had to do with human relationships and technology."

The festival hosted a filmmaker Q&A session with Kerfoot after the film screened. Many Penn State film students and instructors were members of the audience, which proved to have its benefits. 

“It ended up being educational in a sense,” said Kerfoot. “They weren’t afraid to go in and ask, ‘Looking back, how would you do it differently?’”

Palm Reader  Director, John Kerfoot (right), with Director of Photography, Kyle Kruse (left).

Palm Reader Director, John Kerfoot (right), with Director of Photography, Kyle Kruse (left).

Kerfoot attended the festival with Palm Reader’s director of photography, second-year M.F.A. student Kyle Kruse. The two also spent time with former O.U. Visiting Assistant Film professor Pearl Gluck, who now teaches film at Penn State. Gluck’s feature film, The Turn Out, which was made in the Athens region over the summer in 2014. Gluck worked with several graduate and undergraduate O.U. film students. The film is currently in post-production.

Palm Reader O.U. Film Crew:
Writer/Director/Editor: Second-year M.F.A. John Kerfoot
Director of Photography: Second-year M.F.A. Kyle Kruse
Sound: Second-year M.F.A. Vinay Choudary
Key Grip: Second-year M.F.A. Ha Kin Vu