Written by OU Film Assistant Professor Rafal Sokolowski; posted by Dustin Jenkins

The festival knocks us out of the production routines. It literally takes us out of the spaces where we make films, teach and learn about film, and where we coexist within a fixed hierarchy of students and teachers, the first, second, and third year directors, writers, and critics. During the festival we all become who we really are at the core: creators, practitioners, and film lovers. During the seven days of the fest we turn into fellow artists. This is refreshing and inspiring. I spend a lot of time in my classroom providing students with critical review of their work. The festival gives me a chance to take a break and share my practice instead. It gives my students a chance to say something about my work – it balances the equation. But it is not only about critical reception. The festival has the power to momentarily transcend our artistic differences and put aside our creative feuds. In the week to come we are going to generously share the screen, support and celebrate each other’s work. This part is often neglected during the busy schedule at the school. During the week to come, the film division suspends all classes and everyone flocks the cinema to bathe in film. This year several faculty and students will showcase their work and I am particularly looking forward to seeing their films on the festival screen. I hope the festive spirit will inspire great work to come.


Seventh Day, Directed by Rafal Sokolowski

Sun., Apr. 5 @ 5:15p -  Part of the "A New (Old) Land" Group