Written by Edward Loupe

This past Saturday, the First Year MFA students in the Ohio University Film Division participated in one of the most valuable opportunities offered – the chance to display their films on in front of an audience. The screening took place at Athens’ historic Athena Cinema.  “These are learning filmmakers at the beginning of their career,” said Natasha Maidoff, professor at the OU film division, “these films represent a starting point to grow from.” The ten films screened were shot on 16mm black & white reversal film and covered a wide variety of themes including romance, loss, recovery, killing your boss, and others. “I am a much better filmmaker now than I was before, and I’m still getting better,” said student Bruno M. Viana while introducing his film The Wall Between Us.

The featured films and filmmakers were:

Changé, directed by Savannah Heller
Buildup, directed by Michelle David
Torn Apart, directed by Lauressa Nicholson
Strange Faces, directed by Ben Bouxsein
The Bitch Who Can Eat Shit and Die, directed by Ayesha Nizhoni
Heal, directed by Ying Ding
Teaching Ain’t Easy, directed by Eric Eldridge
Logosophia, directed by Robert Kaithern
The Wall Between Us, directed by Bruno M. Viana
A Dangerous Man, directed by Cecil Houser

The OU Film Division’s Second Year Films will be screened on Saturday, October 14th at 7pm at the Athena Cinema. To find more Film Division Events, please visit https://www.ohio.edu/finearts/film/