Written by Nicholas Jackson

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, the Athena theater on Court Street was home to a showcase of second year films, created by MFA filmmakers now currently studying in their thesis year here at Ohio University.  The second year program is geared towards building upon a foundational skill set learned in the first year, and the academic year culminates in a more detailed and elaborate project than those previous.  It is during this year of the program that students begin specializing in different tracks of film production and pursuing personal areas of interests. An enthusiastic crowd packed the theater to see films ranging from an absurdist comedy about losing one's virginity to a heartfelt weeper about heartbreak to a courtroom drama about fighting for what's right and what one rightfully deserves. After all was said and done, a good time was had by everyone in attendance.

The featured films and filmmakers were:

The Ordinary Obsessions of Trevor Moll, directed by Ben Bousxein

Intense Excitement, directed by Eric Eldridge

Go Stella, directed by Bruno M. Viana

Ways of the Heart, directed by Ying Ding

Handy, directed by Michelle David

Peanut, directed by Lauressa Nicolson

Forgotten Son, directed by Cecil Houser

Calliope, directed by Robert Kaithern

Pro Se, directed by Ayesha Nizhoni

Annie Baker, directed by Savannah Heller