Written by Edward Loupe

Director, editor, sound designer, and conceptual artist Laura Craning screened a selection of her short films in the Athena Cinema; Vineland, Devil’s Gate, Port Noir, Irradiant Field, and Meridian Plain. The films, abstract in conceptualization and involved in execution, covered such diverse subjects as a solar farm, a California desert, the Los Angeles Harbor, and a drive-in movie theater. The films featured photographs from Mars and sounds from gigantic, turning solar panels.

“My hope is that my films give the audience a sense of the sublime - a combination of great terror and awe,” says Kraning. Her films are a textural, sensual, exploration of the forces of man and nature - where they merge, and where they diverge.

Kraning was the last of this year's special artists. She attends AIFVF this year not only to host her work, but also as an official Juror. Together with fellow artists Anahita Ghazvinizadeh and Joseph Keckler, Kraning will view a huge selection of AIFVF’s showcase and select the best of the festival.