Written by Edward Loupe

“I am nostalgic for somebody else’s childhood,” says Joseph Keckler, who took centerstage in a live performance at Athen’s historic Athena cinema on the fourth day of the 45th Annual Athens International Film and Video Festival (AIFVF).

Keckler’s performance - a combination of live musicianship and screened work - danced between comedy, commentary, and communion. He wowed the crowd with his operatic prowess as he examined such subjects as internet fandom and the effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Keckler, a renaissance artist, is currently under commission at the Prototype Festival/HERE and Opera Philadelphia/FringeArts, and has recently published a book of essays and short stories, Dragon at the Edge of the Flat World.

Keckler’s performance is part of AIFVF’s guest artist program, which also includes other talents such as Laura Kraning, Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, and Laurie Anderson.