Edited by Bianca Malcolm, Written by Keisha Martin

Blaize Hart, a 2nd Year MFA Film Production student, took his observational film, Gone Before I Left, from paper to the digital screen this past week. Hart describes his film as an “…exploration of family dynamics. A close, yet tense relationship between a young man and his single mother is threatened by the presence of his girlfriend. It’s dark and quiet and serves as a more observational piece rather than one in which the camera sort of invades the space. We’re really a fly on the wall.”

Working on the script since early on in fall semester, Hart explains that, “It’s been in my head for so long and kept getting delayed; so I’m ecstatic to finally be getting it shot and having the opportunity to shape it in a tangible form rather than just on paper. “

Hart worked quickly and efficiently with a small crew over two weekends to shoot his film. Explaining that, “OU provided me with access to various tools, mainly expertise, that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to. The knowledge and willing engagement I see from our professors is invaluable and has really helped me explore different areas of my own potential.” These experiences were important to Hart in the creation of the film.

Look for Gone Before I Left in the 2nd Year Screening Showcase next fall.