Edited By Bianca Malcolm, Written By Keisha Martin

Bruno M. Viana, a Thesis Year MFA Film Production student, successfully defended his thesis film, Colorfool last December. Viana describes Colorfool as “the story of an enigmatic man who wants to transform a children’s hospital into a place of hope and joy, brightening up the kids' lives and reducing the pain and angst of the parents. However, when he is not in the hospital, he too has his own weaknesses and memories from the past, which, at times, bring up a feeling of frustration, regret and even lack of control.” The writing process for Viana was one that came about almost a year ago. “Colorfool was originally a project for my 2nd year film. I was having difficulties on a different script at the time when the story of Colorfool came to my mind. I wrote the first draft of the script the very same day.”

Even with the newfound inspiration happening early on, Viana encountered some issues. He explains, “I always wanted to make a film with a clown as the main character. Later on that semester, I realized Colorfool was quite an ambitious project for the amount of time I had. So, I decided to make it as my Thesis film.”

Viana extends his gratitude to Ohio University “…all the knowledge and abilities I have acquired and developed the past two and a half years from my experience at Ohio University was definitely a major factor for my growth as a filmmaker.” In addition, he says that, “Ohio University provided me with great support on the creative and technical aspects of the production. Even though I had a small crew, everyone was in a way related to the School of Film, Theater, or Media Arts."