Edited By Bianca Malcolm, Written By Keisha Martin

Edit Jakab, a 2nd Year MFA Film Production student, brought her ambitious story, In Praise of Angela, to life this past semester. Jakab depicts the story of “Dan, the electrician, who follows his dream to pursue the life of a musician, despite, or perhaps because of, his impending fatherhood. On his journey to a national competition, through a series of obstacles, Dan discovers what is truly important in life. Whether he reaches his goal is left ambiguous.” Jakab says that her film is a “satirical ode to the Midwest” that was “inspired by a folk-pop song full of self-irony and playful mockery of Walmart, which ultimately turns into its praise."

Jakab extends thanks to the Film Division for the equipment that was vital to her shoot, along with supplying her a crew. As Jakab says, it took “the entire village to give birth to my baby.” She shares her gratitude to the Jackie O’s Taproom and the people of Athens who all supported and took part in her film.

Working on the film was a challenge with multiple locations and a total of nine days of shooting. Jakab describes a complicated shot involving a car mount, “We were shooting in the pouring rain on the highway with the car mount attached to the lead actor’s car." Jakab is now editing the film.

Look for In Praise of Angela at the second year screenings next fall.