Edited By Bianca Malcolm, Written By Keisha Martin

Robert Kaithern, an MFA thesis student, brought his magically surreal adventure, Per Ignem, into our reality over the course of the spring semester. Kaithern illuminates the story of “a young man searching for a path in the surreal dreamscape of his subconscious.”

The process for “Per Ignem” has been a long road coming. He began writing the first of ten drafts a year before the cameras started rolling. And it "contained little more than fragments of dialogue and images.“

Kaithern expresses his gratitude to Ohio University for providing “access to filmmaking equipment and a faculty that supports and challenges students. Both of which are essential to the production process.” Most of all, though, Kaithern extends his thankfulness to “the most significant element of this project, the eclectic group of people that came together to make this film happen.” During the creation of this fully-collaborative film, Kaithern worked with students and individuals in the departments of Film, Integrated Media, Theater, Dance, Interdisciplinary Arts, Communications, Pre-Law, Business, Classics, Honors Tutorial College, and Game Research & Immersive Design.

Kaithern is now in the post-production phase and plans to bring his work of art to the masses.

Stills from the set of Per Ignem