Edited By Bianca Malcolm, Written By Keisha Martin

Tabitha Kennedy, a 2nd year MFA Film Production student, brought her thrilling film, “Para-Red” from virtual reality into reality last fall. Kennedy describes it as “a roller coaster if roller coasters were a sci-fi action psychological thriller. It's what happens when your inner wants, desires, and fears are presented to you and you have a choice to face them or run away. All of this is given to the main character in the form of an open-world virtual reality experience.” In all, the story has been traveling with Kennedy since last August and the script underwent twelve revisions before its first shoot day.

The film was shot over the course of two weekends in December. Kennedy explains that “OU provided me with most of the equipment we needed to pull off the ambitious scenes (let's not forget about the camera!), and access to faculty and classmates who shared their honest input on the story, which helped make it what it is. Of course, there's also the collaboration with the theatre school, which provided me with the opportunity to work with some fantastic theatre students.” Make sure to come and see ““Para-Red” this fall at the 2nd-Year Films' Screening.

Photos provided By Steven Lee