by Nicholas Jackson

The Athens International Film and Video Festival celebrated the life and work of the late New York City-based filmmaker and choreographer Jo Andres last night.

Friends, family, and film lovers gathered to screen four works from the 1984 Ohio University alum - Black KitesLiquid TiaraWhen the Curtain Comes Down, and Lillian Kiesler: On the Head of a PinBlack Kites is a diary film that blends dream-like imagery with journal entries from Sarajevan visual artist Alma Hajric. Liquid Tiara is a short meditative film and When the Curtain Comes Downis a music video for Diana Krall. The show concluded with a twenty minute documentary on the highly influential and pleasantly-quirky New York City artist Lillian Kiesler.

After the screening, there was a brief Q and A held in the theatre with five friends and colleagues. Each moderator served as an ambassador for different periods of Andres’s life, from growing up in Hilliard, Ohio to matriculating at Ohio University, then finally to her time in New York City. She was described as a formidable force and one moderator said that, “she would always show me the beauty of things you wouldn’t notice.” This eye for the power of imagery transcends well into her chosen medium. Afterwards, festival attendees moved the celebration to Salaam for food and drinks.