By Keisha Martin

Michelle David, an MFA thesis student, worked diligently this year on her touching adventurous film, The Good Boys. The Good Boys follows the story of “two sisters who come together to deal with their mother’s upcoming surgery while searching for their lost dog. The sisters start out at odds: Olive, the older of the two, is tired of shouldering the responsibility of taking care of their sick mother while Aubrey, the younger sister, is trying to avoid the harsh reality of the family’s situation. When Brian, one of the two adorable family dogs, gets lost, Aubrey and Olive set out on an adventure to find him.”

The film is a journey in itself but the process of creating and developing it was even more so of one as David elaborates,“I started working on my thesis film in May 2018; however, there were many iterations with various filmic styles that I went through before I arrived at anything close to The Good Boys. There are projects that have been floating around in my head for many years, but, ultimately, I knew that I needed to come up with a fresh idea for my thesis film. “

OU helped ease the road along the way, though. David says, “Ohio University has been an incredible resource for this film. Renting gear can come at a back-breaking cost. But, at the [OU] Film Equipment Room, I was able to get almost everything I needed, including camera, lighting, and sound gear.“ Not only did OU provide the tech to make the film happen, but they also provided a greater resource, the support I needed to make the film. “Many members of my cast and crew were also from OU, providing incredible support and bringing the project to life. Finally, OU faculty also played a huge role in the creation of this film. I received and continue to receive helpful comments and critiques about my project at all stages of the process.“

The Good Boys is currently in post production as the team strives for an edit and then a screening in the future.