By Keisha Martin

The 46th Athens International Film and Video Festival had a glorious opening day with twelve blocks of films being shown throughout the Athena Cinema's three theaters. One such block was "The Future is Experimental," an all-female experimental section that crossed over mediums and continents. Some shot on film and added in hand-drawn animations while others utilized digital and stock footage. This block showcased talent from the USA, Brazil, Greece, and Italy.

Julie Olivo, a first-year HTC film student and first-time festival attendee, expressed that, “These films used lots of voiceovers and it was great that we got to hear the filmmakers voice but also then see it illustrated on screen. I appreciated the newer experimental films because I feel like I have only been exposed to experimental films that are from a past era so far. It's really great to see what people are making now and its relevance for today.” The Athens Film Festival continues until Sunday, April 14.