A sampling of OU Film class assignments.


Behind the Scenes on the "In Camera Assignment"

Follow the film crew and watch how they created the short narrative story above with only one 3 minute roll of 16mm film.

Lighting Workshop

In the second semester of the First Year, students are introduced to the basic principles of lighting.  This assignment challenges students to create a lighting solution to accentuate the scripted scene.  Working as a team, students set the gear and rig the lights, then film the scene on 16mm film.

Cinematography Lighting Ratios

Students are given a chance to experiment with lighting ratios in Filmmaking I and again in the Cinematography class.  Students set the lights, then measure and adjust to achieve the desired lighting ratios for the assignment.  Students are taught how different lighting equipment and techniques are used on location and in the studio.

Cinematography Replication Assignment

In the Cinematography class in the second year of course work, tudents are assigned a shot from a motion picture, music video or television show to replicate in lighting, lens selection and camera movement.  Using the equipment available from the Ohio University Film Division, students analyze and recreate the scene in under one week.  Final shots are then shown in class along with the original material.