Anastasiia Kulikova


I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in an absolutely not cinematic family but I decided to change that. I graduated as a cinematographer in 2014 from Karpenko-Kary University of Theater, Cinema, and TV. Also, I have “normal” education as a journalist (Taras Shevchenko National University), though this job didn’t suit me. Starting my path in the television industry as a news cameraman, and then moving onto co-creating short 26-minute documentaries. Though, in 2016, I said “goodbye” to the television industry. I first began my filmmaking career as a camera assistant in the biggest rental house in Ukraine. Working with the best and the worst filmmakers, learning from them what to do in case you struggle for the ‘Golden Raspberry’ and what to do if you need a nice product. However, I think I still mix up those notes. I am excited to work with patient and experienced filmmaking professors in OU, who will help me to straighten this tangle while I find a path to my Cinematography.

Robin Johnson


Originally from South Africa, Robin moved to New York City to pursue higher education. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film from CUNY City College of New York and has worked in various areas of film, television, and advertising content production. As an MFA Film student at Ohio University's School of Film, Robin hopes to further develop his expertise in preparation for the next chapter in his journey to world domination.

Xiangyue Zhao


Xiangyue (Eve) is originally from China and has a bachelor’s degree in business from Monash University. Being brought up in a family of film art, she came across immense interest for film since she was a little kid. As a form of artistic expression which integrates literature, performing and visual art, sound, etc., she believes film artfully leads the emotional trend of audiences, which helps her roundly perceive the world. When she was in the college, she attended several artistic organizations, watching and studying films with other film fans, which evoked her extinguished passion for film. She started to learn film production and make her own films. The experiences of interning in several Entertainment and Media corporations also enhanced her understanding of visual expression and improved her skill of operation.

 She loves films that explore human and life, which invariably gave her the courage of respecting and loving life and self. In turn, she wishes to speak out for those small characters who cannot speak for themselves, remind people of what deserve concerns yet are being ignored, and thereby inspire them and provoke their deep humanistic concern.

Matthew Valdovinos


Matthew Valdovinos is a prolific writer-director originally from Compton, CA. He grew up in his mother's hometown of El Paso, TX where he was soon immersed in the border culture. He went off to attend school in neighboring New Mexico where he would graduate with honors from The Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University with his degree in Digital Filmmaking. Here, Matthew began to make a name for himself as an up and coming filmmaker, obtaining recognition for his ability to seamlessly meld story and visuals with maximum impact and artistic vision. After directing several shorts, music videos, commercials, and documentaries, Matthew recently wrapped production on his first feature film “River.” Propelled by a desire to elevate his skills as a filmmaker, as well as a desire to share his knowledge with a future generation of filmmakers , he was led to Ohio University's MFA Film Program. Matthew is also an award wining artist and photographer.”

Samuel Scott


Sam Scott is from Johnson City in the mountains of East Tennessee. He's always loved storytelling in its many forms but the movies always held a magical place in his imagination. After a seven year detour doing video production in the sports industry in Knoxville, Tennessee as well as Kansas City, Sam has returned to his beloved Appalachia. While here, he hopes to grow both as filmmaker and a person. He loves adventures (both on screen and off), finishing the book before seeing the movie version, and talking about his favorite storytellers J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Keisha Martin


I am a native Ohioan and have been living here my whole life. Growing up I always had a passion for art. Sadly though there isn't much art in the rural countryside of Ohio. I discovered my love of storytelling through the art of comics and plays. I eventually landed myself a digital camera and my relationship with filmmaking took off from there. I received my bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University where I studied Film Production and received a minor in Arts Management. Working on many different types of films in a variety of roles, I found my passion in the art, special effect and lighting department. Catch me on set typically covered in gaff and fake blood and eating fruit snacks.

Zeran Lei


Zeran Lei was born and raised in China. At the age of eighteen, she went to DePauw University in Indiana. Immersing in the academic freedom of that liberal arts college, she found her way of living as a screenwriter in the second language. After graduating as a Creative Writing Major, she went back to China and taught in a small village for two years. Within the two years, she witnessed the power which motion pictures had to open her students’ horizons, so she decided to go back to school and continued to explore the world of film industry.

Vladyslav Klymchuk

Vlad Klymchuk was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. He graduated from his Masters Program with a degree in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. Deciding only later to radically change his occupation to Filmmaking. After five years working as a Director in the Ukraine, he decided to travel to the U.S. and get an education in Filmmaking. He applied for a Fulbright scholarship and received it allowing him to further chase his dreams. Now he is honored to be a part of the incredible MFA Program at OU and is excited for what is to come.

Nicholas Jackson


Nick Jackson was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio - home to Cedar Point and the fictional Callahan Auto from Tommy Boy.  For the past several summers, he has happily worked as a seasonal bell-hop at Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers.  He graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Film Studies along with minors in International Studies, History, Media Analysis and Production, and Video Art.  While at Ohio State, he worked on the studio crew at WOSU Public Media.  He hopes to make offbeat, quirky, high-concept work that straddles the drama/comedy divide.  Apart from film and television, his interests include traveling, playing on Lake Erie, and caring for his little hound, Lucy.

Faryarsadat Hosseini


Faryar HosseiniI was born in Tehran, Iran. She left studying mathematic in Shahid Beheshi University in Iran to pursue a passion for Theater and Cinema. She has won several awards for writing and directing. In 2014, right after she entered University to study Theater in 2013, Faryar won praise for her play, “Tehran – Belgearde,” which was inspired by her favorite Screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman. In 2015, she also received great admiration for her next play, “Touran.” Since then, she started making amateur films until 2018, when she wrote and directed her first professional short film named “Lego,” which has a romantic and fantasy theme. Surreal events, like what is seen in Charlie Kaufman”s work are traceable in Faryar’s writings, including in her film “Lego." In 2018, she was admitted to M.F.A in film at Ohio University.