Faryar HosseiniI was born in Tehran, Iran. She left studying mathematic in Shahid Beheshi University in Iran to pursue a passion for Theater and Cinema. She has won several awards for writing and directing. In 2014, right after she entered University to study Theater in 2013, Faryar won praise for her play, “Tehran – Belgearde,” which was inspired by her favorite Screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman. In 2015, she also received great admiration for her next play, “Touran.” Since then, she started making amateur films until 2018, when she wrote and directed her first professional short film named “Lego,” which has a romantic and fantasy theme. Surreal events, like what is seen in Charlie Kaufman”s work are traceable in Faryar’s writings, including in her film “Lego." In 2018, she was admitted to M.F.A in film at Ohio University.