Xiangyue (Eve) is originally from China and has a bachelor’s degree in business from Monash University. Being brought up in a family of film art, she came across immense interest for film since she was a little kid. As a form of artistic expression which integrates literature, performing and visual art, sound, etc., she believes film artfully leads the emotional trend of audiences, which helps her roundly perceive the world. When she was in the college, she attended several artistic organizations, watching and studying films with other film fans, which evoked her extinguished passion for film. She started to learn film production and make her own films. The experiences of interning in several Entertainment and Media corporations also enhanced her understanding of visual expression and improved her skill of operation.

 She loves films that explore human and life, which invariably gave her the courage of respecting and loving life and self. In turn, she wishes to speak out for those small characters who cannot speak for themselves, remind people of what deserve concerns yet are being ignored, and thereby inspire them and provoke their deep humanistic concern.