Originally from Taos, New Mexico, Aili earned her BA in English Literature with additional focuses in Global Studies and Film and Television Theory at The University of Vermont. Beginning her incremental migration back West, Aili spent a few formative years teaching at a Montessori school in upstate New York before returning to academia at Ohio University. As an avid reader, Aili is interested in the film as a cultural text and the unique ability of the medium to draw on, capture, and, at times, critique the contemporary moment. As a first year MA student in the School of Film, Aili intends to focus her studies on social geography and a politics of belonging as they play out across the cinematic urban landscape.



My name is Paul Peters and I am from Cleveland, OH. I completed undergrad at Baldwin Wallace University (Berea, OH) and my degree was a B.S. in Software Engineering. During my time there, I worked closely with the film department as a course assistant and by providing research for a professor's textbook. I utilized my computing background to develop a website as an outlet for my film reviews and my film essays. I don't yet have a focus, but my undergrad experience left me with a strong understanding of American Film History and I am interested in exploring more of the humanistic perspective of cinema. My aspiration is to become a Film Studies Professor, as well as being a published film critic.



Born in Jinan, Shandong, China. Majored in translation during college. Spent a year and a half after college studying, having anxiety attack and hanging around in Chicago, during which time found film studies and didn’t dislike it. Used to work as some sort of education consultant in Beijing. Have a close family member who showed his face a bit in some of the early Chinese films. A Taiwanese director, whose films that I truly like, used to say through one of his characters that film extends human lived experience. Though what he said wasn’t necessarily true, it was moving enough at the very moment when I heard this, and that’s probably why I am on this track right now. Current research interests lie in contemplative films, filmic temporality, film and phenomenology.



Kien Le was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. Kien’s interest in film began in 2001 when the government began screening international blockbusters in hopes of reviving the dying film culture that resulted from the Vietnam War. This early exposure to international cinema propelled Kien to pursue an education in the U.S., where he developed a broad range of interests: art history, rhetoric, postmodernism, and politics. His honors thesis explored the emergence of taste in contemporary film & fashion, using Bormann’s symbolic convergence theory and Baudrillard’s Simulacrum. Kien’s current research concentrations [HW1] include French film theory, iconophobia in film adaptation, and spreadable media.

Kien graduated cum laude from Juniata College with distinction. Prior coming to Ohio University, Kien was a Legal Intern at New York Legal Assistant Group in Manhattan, NY, and a Digital Brand Intern at Christopher Guy in Beverly Hills, CA.



Christa Young moved from outside of Atlanta, Georgia to Athens, Ohio. She graduated with her BA in English with a concentration in Film Studies and a minor in Creative Writing in May 2018. She is a veteran with presenting her own film research in classroom settings as well as conferences. Christa hopes to develop her loves of cinema, academic research, writing, and teaching through the Film Studies program here at OU.