Priyanka Das is originally from Kolkata, India. She studied Bio-technology as an undergraduate and received her post graduation in Business Administration. She worked as a freelance photographer for 5 years. She also wrote and directed several independent short films, including In Between, Your Eyes To See. Before moving to the USA, she worked as a social media content writer and co-editor.

B.Sc- Bachelor in Bio-technology - Bangalore University

PGDM- Fashion Marketing - Pearl Academy of Fashion

Gabriel Callaghan

Gabriel Callaghan grew up in Iowa City, Iowa and Missoula, Montana. In 2012, he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Colby College in Maine, where he focused on American Studies and Cinema Studies. His thesis explored post-9/11 emasculation and anxiety in Spike Lee’s 25th Hour. Gabriel is particularly interested in the history of the cinematic medium, the American Civil War, and how subversive political elements operate in popular film.

Julia Staben

Julia is a first-year student in the Film Studies MA program. Originally from Portland Oregon, Julia got her start in the theatre where she developed a passion for the concepts surrounding storytelling. She received her undergraduate degree in film studies from The University of Montana along with a minor in Media Arts. Her interests of study include traumatic representations of childhood in children’s cinema and television, social groupings surrounding cinema through online formats, and using acting theory to understand the relationship between viewers and filmic texts.

Qian Zhang

Qian Zhang is from China. She received her BA in journalism and communication studies from Qingdao University. Qian has broad interests in film studies, including European cinema (esp. French cinema), experimental films and arts, horror films, psychoanalysis, animated documentary, and feminist film theories. The central concerns driving her research interests are subjectivity and identity of human persons. Outside of film studies (when?), Qian spends most of her time with her husband talking about life, watching football, and enjoying microbrews or some homemade Manhattan.

Shavana Baker

Originally from Sacramento, California, but matriculating to OU from Philadelphia, PA.

B.A. in English Literature from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania

In How to Read a Film, James Monaco remarked on the extraordinary narrative potential of television, predominantly serialized television. We are living in the "Golden Age of Television," and given the near-cinematic quality of most of everything we all see on T.V. every day and night, television seems to be a medium ripe for scholarly and critical attention and study. Specific interests include the British miniseries, adaptations in particular, and almost any serialized American show that ran for at least five seasons.