Nicholas Bambach grew up in Port Jefferson Station, New York on Long Island. In 2012, he graduated magna cum laude from North Carolina State University, double majoring in English (Film Concentration) and History. That same year, he won a fellowship for the world-famous Full Frame Documentary Film Festival sponsored by Duke University and became a member of the Society of Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS). Nicholas’ research interests include American film history, the works of Judd Apatow, modern comedies, classical Hollywood cinema, contemporary American cinema (1990-Present), biographical films, documentary films, television studies, history of music videos and auteur theory. He is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in film studies at Ohio University.


Matthew Cook was born and raised in Kansas and feels a strong kinship with that region of the country. His interest in film reflects his reverence for place and politics. He believes that all films are essentially political and should not be disassociated from realities they affirm. Matt was a nationally competitive debater in college, was an award winning collegiate opinion writer and editor, and hopes to change the world around him by thinking, speaking, and writing about films in a way that is both accessible to a broad public and that challenges traditional conventions. He believes in the farmer, simplicity, action, reflection, compassion, and creating an atmosphere of openness. He is currently working to apply the work of Michel Foucault to documentaries in order to explain the power structures implicit within them, with more specific emphasis as he progresses. He feels privileged and grateful to be studying at Ohio University


Kourtney Paranteau earned her B.A. in English Literature from Portland State University in 2008.  It was there that she met Macy Todd, her co-host of, a blog and podcast dedicated to diachronic film criticism.

Since seeing her first Cary Grant film, Kourtney has kept her focus firmly on classic Hollywood pictures but also enjoys keeping film-violence, genre-horror, contemporary Korean cinema and George Clooney in her peripheral.

She now lives with her dog, Topper, in Athens, Ohio where she is pursuing a M.A. in Film Studies.


BA - English Literature, Portland State University


Megan has always had an interest in Media Studies. After completing her Honor's thesis in the Sociology program at Indiana University - Bloomington, she channeled her interest into the University's Communication and Culture department. There she found her love for Cinema and Cultural Studies.


BA - Sociology and Communication and Culture, Minor: African Languages - Indiana University - Bloomington


Laura Pohlman is a born and bred Ohioan. After studying Creative Writing at Ohio University, she taught Film Appreciation and Digital Media at her former high school. She has served as both contributor and editor for OU’s student literary magazine, Sphere. Additionally, she has published several online entertainment reviews on The Cool Ship. She is interested in exploring the treatment of body image and fatness in contemporary film.


BA – Creative Writing, Ohio University


Derek Richard is a Midwestern native. He grew up in Muncie Indiana and studied telecommunications and English at Ball State University. While at Ball State he also received the David Letterman Scholarship, and developed a passion for film and writing, a journey that eventually brought him to Athens for graduate school. Derek’s primary interests are in film’s relationship with postmodernism and psychoanalysis.


Prior to settling into the world of film, Andrew studied aviation at Ohio State.  Always a lover of movies, he took the opportunity to take as many film courses as his schedule would allow, eventually leading to a double major in the seldom-paired subject areas of Aviation and Film Studies.  Before moving to Athens, Andrew filled his time writing movie reviews for various websites and working at the Gateway Film Center, a locally owned and operated theater in Columbus, Ohio.  Andrew's interests in film include animation, Surrealism, science fiction, horror, the silent era, and Expressionism.


BA - Film Studies, English, Ohio State University

BS - Aviation, Ohio State University