Bianca Malcolm


Bianca Malcolm is a native of St. Louis, MO. She has a Bachelor in Science in Chemistry from University of Missouri - Columbia, a Masters in Public Health from Drexel University, and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from Columbia University. After spending more than a decade pursuing higher education, she spent four years as a Statistician at the CDC. Now she's back at college and confused by the dress of young people today. She loves horror movies, B-movies, monster flicks, creature features, disaster films, and any film where things go *boom* a lot. But, television is the best medium. Hands down. And she watches  way too much of it. She has seen every Syfy (formerly Sci-fi; should have kept the name) Original Movie since she was a sophomore in college and really hopes they would again make a film that doesn't include the word "shark" in the title. She has never touched a camera and is a bit unsure how she got into this program, but thankful nonetheless. She hopes to become the next great Horror Master and create the next Freddie Krueger. Roland Emmerich is her spirit animal. John Carpenter is her goal. The remake of Dawn of the Dead is better than the original. Full stop. Though Night of the Living Dead kicks both their butts. She writes too much and talks too little.

Graham Holford


Graham is from the United Kingdom. He graduated from Greenwich University in Film Studies. He then lived in Korea as an English Instructor. He made short narratives and documentaries that gained recognition in the UK and Korea. He has worked on feature documentaries and other narratives as a sound technician. Film has been a lifelong obsession to be involved in film and is very excited to get closer to his ambition through his time at Ohio University.

Kanat Omurbekov

I am Kanat, I was born in Kyrgyz Republic (Central Asia). From my childhood, the cameras were my passion. I looked for any chance to hold a camera in my hands and take a photo or shoot a video. Moreover, I grew up in a small town, Toktogul, there was not a cinema, I used to watch films at home on black and white TV-set. My first interest to films started after watching “Terminator”, directed by James Cameron, it was amazing and thrilling. After graduation from university in my country I decided to attend to 3-month cinematography course organized by Kyrgyz Public TV broadcast. There I learnt how to work with professional cameras and how to shoot TV shows. While studying in TV I shoot over 20 TV projects and took part at Journalism seminars regarding video producing. But after completing the course I realized that working as a cameraman in TV and Film is difference and decided to leave TV. From that time, I began doing my own short films, I made two short films Kech (Evening), 2013 and Soundman, 2014. Both took part at Kyrgyz and international short film festivals.

Jacob Midkiff


Jacob Midkiff was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and later moved to London, UK, before boomeranging back to Ohio. In high school, he studied interactive media at Eastland Career Center. Similarly, he graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Media. Film and storytelling have always been a large component of his life from a young camcorder age, and over the years he's had the pleasure to be involved with a number of projects from all around the globe. He talks way too much about Charlie Kaufman, Stanley Kubrick, and film depictions of 20th century literature, so engage at your own risk.

Anil Srivastha


Anil, based from the metropolitan city of Chennai in southern India, comes from a background of traditional and computer animation. He holds an undergraduate degree in Animation from Manipal University, Bangalore, India and a graduate certificate in computer animation from Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada. Having about 4 years of experience with animation compositing tools, he spends his spare time as a freelance video production artist, designing and delivering animated corporate videos for upcoming businesses.

Anil's journey in exploring filmmaking as a visual medium stems from his academic acquaintance with film studies during his undergrad, where he got introduced to film form. He has been experimenting and learning the craft of filmmaking ever since. Now a student at Ohio University's MFA film production program, Anil looks forward to working on narrative films, with a focus on the drama and thriller genres.

Edward Loupe


Edward Loupe was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas. When he went to college, he decided to get as far away from the midwest as possible and attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for a degree in film production. While he was there he realized he actually loved the midwest and decided to come back for a graduate degree in film production. Edward has been making movies since he was a little kid and sharing stories with an audience. At Ohio University, he hopes to hone his craft and begin a professional life as a filmmaker.

Hannah Espia


Hannah's parents named her after the 1986 Woody Allen film, "Hannah and Her Sisters". Growing up, she loved watching films and eventually started making them. From Manila, Philippines, Hannah's greatest passion aside from film is traveling. She has traveled to 30 countries and lived in 3. She also loves fairy tales, musicals, and anything Japanese. She hates the smell of soil and grass after the rain. The scent makes her sneeze incessantly.

Steven Lee


Steven Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. After studying computer science for a year at the Ohio State University, he changed both the major and school to pursue his passion in creating beautiful pictures. During his time at Cleveland State University, Steven embarked on his journey in both still and motion photography. Upon graduating, he interned at a photo/video studio in Cleveland; he assisted on photo shoots, as well as in the video editing room. Now, Steven studies at Ohio University as a Film MFA candidate. He's looking to tell compelling stories through enchanting imagery.

Edit Jakab

Edit Jakab taken by Claude Chamberlain.jpg

Edit is a Hungarian American filmmaker who writes and directs films that investigate subjects of great human complexity and social injustice, while making uncompromised comments on the world she lives in. Edit received her Ph.D. in Theoretical and Slavic Linguistics from Princeton University, and currently, she is pursuing an MFA in Film at Ohio University. Making and teaching Film is an organic continuation of her studies in linguistics: both film and language build on structural elements to result in a product, which is universal. Edit acquired her writing and directing experience through working in an array of professional environments, including independent film and television industry in Montreal as well as studying and working in North America and Europe. She has reported on film and jazz festivals as a cultural correspondent for over 15 years. 

Bryget Anderson

Bryget Anderson grew up in the small town of Marietta, Ohio. She received her B.A. in Film Studies from the Ohio State University in 2017. Prior to graduation, she served as an intern on the Marketing and Communications team for the Columbus branch of the American Red Cross. Utilizing her fondness for bold color palettes, rhythmic editing, and experimental 2D animation, she strives to create vibrant, visually compelling films. She also seeks to explore themes of failure, nostalgia, and naïveté through the genres of black comedy and satire. Bryget admires and is inspired by the directorial and artistic work of Steven Soderbergh, Don Hertzfeldt, Taika Waititi, Jan Švankmajer, Oskar Fischinger, JeanPierre Jeunet, Juzo Itami, and Wes Anderson.

Tabitha Kennedy


Tab Kennedy spent much of her life traveling between family in central Indiana and western Pennsylvania, so it makes sense that she eventually landed in Ohio.  She received her Bachelor of Science in New Media Communication with highest distinction from Indiana University’s regional campus in Kokomo with minors in film studies, fine arts, and psychology.  She has worked on the web teams and media offices of two Indiana University campuses, as a summer wedding videographer, and as a commissioned fine artist.  Tab’s interest areas include technology, the inner human, and social understanding.  Throughout her film career, she hopes to explore both the serial nature of narrative television and film’s relation with evolving technology.