Bianca Malcolm is a native of St. Louis, MO. She has a Bachelor in Science in Chemistry from University of Missouri - Columbia, a Masters in Public Health from Drexel University, and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from Columbia University. After spending more than a decade pursuing higher education, she spent four years as a Statistician at the CDC. Now she's back at college and confused by the dress of young people today. She loves horror movies, B-movies, monster flicks, creature features, disaster films, and any film where things go *boom* a lot. But, television is the best medium. Hands down. And she watches  way too much of it. She has seen every Syfy (formerly Sci-fi; should have kept the name) Original Movie since she was a sophomore in college and really hopes they would again make a film that doesn't include the word "shark" in the title. She has never touched a camera and is a bit unsure how she got into this program, but thankful nonetheless. She hopes to become the next great Horror Master and create the next Freddie Krueger. Roland Emmerich is her spirit animal. John Carpenter is her goal. The remake of Dawn of the Dead is better than the original. Full stop. Though Night of the Living Dead kicks both their butts. She writes too much and talks too little.