I am Kanat, I was born in Kyrgyz Republic (Central Asia). From my childhood, the cameras were my passion. I looked for any chance to hold a camera in my hands and take a photo or shoot a video. Moreover, I grew up in a small town, Toktogul, there was not a cinema, I used to watch films at home on black and white TV-set. My first interest to films started after watching “Terminator”, directed by James Cameron, it was amazing and thrilling. After graduation from university in my country I decided to attend to 3-month cinematography course organized by Kyrgyz Public TV broadcast. There I learnt how to work with professional cameras and how to shoot TV shows. While studying in TV I shoot over 20 TV projects and took part at Journalism seminars regarding video producing. But after completing the course I realized that working as a cameraman in TV and Film is difference and decided to leave TV. From that time, I began doing my own short films, I made two short films Kech (Evening), 2013 and Soundman, 2014. Both took part at Kyrgyz and international short film festivals.