Steven Ross Director of the Film Division



Steven Ross remains active as a filmmaker and cinematographer. He came to Ohio University in Fall 2002.  Prior to that, he was the filmmaking professor at Wesleyan University from 1994-2002.


Film Credits:


Socrates of Kamchatka (2017) co-Director of Photography  Socrates of Kamchatka blends documentary and fiction to tell a story about Anfisa, and her horse - Socrates, who was murdered in 2012 to punish Anfisa for her economic success. The film is a tale about the 'breaking' of horses and people by caring Communist masters. It is about life on the Kamchatka peninsula in the remote far East Russia across from Alaska. It focuses on the village of Dolinovka trapped between the old and the new Russia at a time when the free market chaos is replacing the old Soviet ideals.

Liberia: A Fragile Peace (2006) Producer/Director/Director of Photography  A feature documentary tells the story of a war weary people's struggle to rebuild their nation.  This timely film goes behind the headlines to explore what really happened to this nation founded by former American slaves, and to realistically appraise the hopes and fears about what may happen there next.  As Liberia tries to refute a quarter century of bloodshed, corruption, and collapse, the film tells the story with a stunning diversity of perspectives, voices, and personal experiences.  This film is being distributed by California Newsreel and TVF International and appears on Kanopy.

A Viking Landscape (2004) Director/Director of Photography  Based on a reading of an Icelandic saga, an international team of archaeologists, forensic anthropologists, and literary historians set out to excavate a Viking age church and burial ground from the time of Iceland's conversion to Christianity (1000 AD). The short film documents the archaeological dig and archaeological methods.

Fishers of Dar (2001) Co-director/Director of Photography  This ethnographic film explores the continuity and integrity of traditional fishing practices in contemporary Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Dar es Salaam is a metropolis of three million people, yet the city's demand for fish is entirely met by equipment and methods practiced there for centuries. Fishers of Dar has been screened throughout the world in numerous festivals and venues including the Fine Arts Cinema in Berkeley, CA. It has also been selected to be part of two "Best of Festival" traveling tours throughout the United States. This film is being distributed by Documentary Educational Resources and appears on Kanopy.. Awards: Best documentary (co-winner) 30th Athens International Film/Video Festival 2003; Juror's Choice (First Prize) 22nd Black Maria Film/Video Festival 2002; Golden Dhow Chairman's Choice 5th Zanzibar International Film Festival 2002; Best Cinematography 40th Ann Arbor Film Festival 2002

American Experience: Stephen Foster  Director of Photography  Documentary film in PBS series.  Randall MacLowry, Beth Hager, co-producers; Randall MacLowry, director.

Mark Twain's Neighborhood: Nook Farm  Director of Photography  Connecticut Public Television.  Directed, produced and written by Roynn Lisa Simmons in cooperation with the Mark Twain House, the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, the Antiquarian & Landmarks Society.  Documentary on the Nook Farm neighborhood and its notable citizenry in Hartford, CT.  Telly Award Finalist in Cinematography.

Empire of Crime  Director of Photography  Towers Productions.  A&E special on the history of the New York Mafia. Jonathan Towers and Bill Curtis, executive producers, Ariel Schaffner, producer.

West Virginia: A Film History  Director of Photography  WNPB-TV [PBS – Morgantown, WV].  Six-hour historic documentary.  Mark Samels, producer/director.

The Chair  Director of Photography  Feature film with Waldemar Korzeniosky, director.  Starring James Coco, Trini Alvarado and Paul Benedict.

Monsters  Director of Photography  Laurel-EFX, Inc.  Multiple episodes of anthology syndicated television series

Cinemax Comedy Special: Norman's Corner  Director of Photography  Broadcast Arts/HBO.  Peter Rosenthal, executive producer Larry David, writer/producer; Paul Miller, director Starring Gilbert Gottfried.

Saturday Night Live  Director of Photography  Broadway Video, Inc. Short film starring Madonna.  Lorne Michaels, executive producer; James Signorelli, director.

Tales From The Dark Side  Director of Photography  Laurel Entertainment, Inc.  Directors included Jody Foster, Bob Balaban, John Tillinger, Michael Gornick, Jeff Wolfe, John Coles.


Educational Background:

  • B.A., Wesleyan University


  • Filmmaking
  • Cinematography